List of REITs Earnings per Share (EPS) Basic and Diluted for Last Reported Quarter (2018-12-31)

List of the Earnings-Per-Share (EPS) Basic and EPS Diluted for last reported quarter for US Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) tracked on REITNotes. The Earnings-Per-share (EPS) Basic ratio measures the REIT’s profit (or loss) that is in theory available for payment to the holders of common shares outstanding, during the reported reportperiod. ESP Basic is calculated by subtracting the preferred stock dividends from the net income, and dividing the remaining value by the weighted average number of common shares outstanding during the reportperiod. The Diluted EPS is the adjusted EPS ratio to include if all convertible securities were exercised (warrants, convertible preferred stock, securities connected with employer stock options, and other dilutive securities). The list includes the REIT's market cap (Large-Cap with market capitalization over $10 Billion, Mid-Cap with market capitalization between $2 Billion and $10 Billion, Small-Cap with market capitalization between $300 Million and $2 Billion, and Micro-Cap with market capitalization between $50 Million and $300 Million). The list also informs the Real Estate sector(s) the REIT owns or manages assets in such as Retail, Office, Residential, Hotel, Mortgage, and more.

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REIT Symbol ˅  ˄ Last Reported Quarter EPS Basic ˅  ˄ EPS Diluted ˅  ˄ Market Cap Sector
Armour Residential REIT Inc. (ARR) 2018-12-31 -5.140 -5.120 Small-Cap Mortgage
Spirit MTA REIT (SMTA) 2018-12-31 -5.000 -5.000 Small-Cap Retail, Health Care
CorePoint Lodging Inc. (CPLG) 2018-12-31 -3.170 -3.170 Small-Cap Hotel
Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp. (CHMI) 2018-12-31 -2.990 -2.990 Small-Cap Mortgage
Two Harbors Investment Corp. (TWO) 2018-12-31 -2.950 -2.810 Mid-Cap Mortgage
Office Properties Income Trust (OPI) 2018-12-31 -2.340 -2.340 Mid-Cap Office
AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC) 2018-12-31 -1.950 -1.950 Mid-Cap Mortgage
Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY) 2018-12-31 -1.940 -1.940 Large-Cap Mortgage
Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. (ALEX) 2018-12-31 -1.940 -1.910 Small-Cap Diversified, Retail, Office, Industrial, Specialty
IStar, Inc. (STAR) 2018-12-31 -1.700 -1.640 Small-Cap Diversified, Hotel, Industrial, Health Care, Office, Residential, Resorts
Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust Inc (WHLR) 2018-12-31 -1.690 -1.690 Micro-Cap Retail
Seritage Growth Properties, Inc. (SRG) 2018-12-31 -1.570 -1.570 Small-Cap Retail
Invesco Mortgage Capital, Inc. (IVR) 2018-12-31 -1.540 -1.540 Small-Cap Mortgage
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, Inc. (PEB) 2018-12-31 -1.510 -1.500 Mid-Cap Hotel, Resorts
AG Mortgage Investment Trust, Inc. (MITT) 2018-12-31 -1.470 -1.470 Small-Cap Mortgage
Dynex Capital, Inc. (DX) 2018-12-31 -1.430 -1.430 Small-Cap Mortgage
Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. (PEI) 2018-12-31 -1.230 -1.230 Small-Cap Retail
CyrusOne, Inc (CONE) 2018-12-31 -1.090 -1.080 Mid-Cap Data Centers
Colony NorthStar Credit Real Estate, Inc (CLNC) 2018-12-31 -1.050 -1.050 Mid-Cap Mortgage
New Senior Investment Group, Inc. (SNR) 2018-12-31 -1.050 -1.050 Small-Cap Health Care
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