Average Price-Earnings (P/E) Ratio by US REIT Sectors on 2019-02-15

Below is the average Price-Earnings ratio (P/E ratio) for US Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) across the different real estate sectors, ranked from the highest to the lowest value. The list also includes the REITs with the highest and lowest P/E ratio in each industry on the date. This list is based on the US REITs, and real estate sectors tracked on REITNotes. The P/E ratio is also known as the PER, Price Multiple, PE Ratio, and Earnings Multiple. The P/E ratio may not be available for all REITs or reflect the latest information for all REITs, which may affect the ranking and values in the report. The REITs Price-Earnings ratios are updated with the REIT’s closing stock price for the trading day. We calculate our average P/E ratio for the sector by adding the P/E ratio for all the REITs in that sector and dividing by the total quantity of REITs in that sector. Additionally, there are REITs which may have multiple types of real estate assets (e.g., Industrial, Resort, Data Center, etc.), so these REITs appear on our listing in various sectors. Therefore the P/E ratio of REITs which are in multiple segments will be counted and contributed to the average P/E ratio for those different sectors.

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  Sector Average P/E ˅  ˄ REITs with Highest P/E Ratio for Sector ˅  ˄ Highest P/E Ratio ˅  ˄ REITs with Lowest P/E Ratio for Sector ˅  ˄ Lowest P/E Ratio ˅  ˄
1. Mortgage 42.99 Exantas Capital Corp. (XAN) 1,091.00 Resource Capital Corp. (RSO) -11.21
2. Infrastructure 23.89 SBA Communications Corporation (SBAC) 43.65 Uniti Group, Inc. (UNIT) 7.99
3. Self Storage 22.94 Safety, Income & Growth Inc. (SAFE) 57.70 Jernigan Capital, Inc. (JCAP) 11.83
4. Residential 19.56 Howard Hughes Corp (HHC) 66.27 Front Yard Residential (RESI) -7.24
5. Specialty 19.37 Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. (IIPR) 56.51 Drive Shack Inc. (DS) -12.56
6. Industrial 18.03 Terreno Realty Corp. (TRNO) 43.62 IStar, Inc. (STAR) 8.02
7. Data Centers 17.36 Equinix, Inc. (EQIX) 20.34 Corporate Office Properties Trust (OFC) 13.08
8. Timber 16.96 Rayonier, Inc. (RYN) 36.23 CatchMark Timber Trust, Inc (CTT) -5.12
9. Office 16.06 Howard Hughes Corp (HHC) 66.27 Select Income REIT, Inc. (SIR) 3.08
10. Health Care 14.39 Community Healthcare Trust (CHCT) 22.35 New Senior Investment Group, Inc. (SNR) 7.58
11. Diversified 13.82 Gladstone Land Corporation, Inc. (LAND) 23.13 Drive Shack Inc. (DS) -12.56
12. Retail 13.63 Agree Realty Corp. (ADC) 23.04 CBL & Associates Properties, Inc. (CBL) 1.31
13. Hotel 13.26 Howard Hughes Corp (HHC) 66.27 Ashford Hospitality Trust, Inc. (AHT) 4.35
14. Resorts 9.74 MGM Growth Properties LLC (MGP) 14.37 Ashford Hospitality Trust, Inc. (AHT) 4.35