REITs Ranked by Sectors

Below are Worldwide Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) ranked by sectors.

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Symbol REIT Name REITRating™ Score* Sector Type Listing Status Market Cap
OFC Corporate Office Properties Trust 7.4 Data Centers, Office, Diversified Equity REIT Public Mid-Cap
CONE CyrusOne, Inc. 8.5 Data Centers Equity REIT Public Mid-Cap
COR CoreSite Reality Corporation 7.7 Data Centers Equity REIT Public Mid-Cap
DLR Digital Realty Trust 8.3 Data Centers Equity REIT Public Large-Cap
QTS QTS Realty Trust, Inc. 8.5 Data Centers Equity REIT Public Mid-Cap
EQIX Equinix, Inc. 8.1 Data Centers Equity REIT Public Large-Cap
LAND Gladstone Land Corporation, Inc. 7.1 Diversified, Farms Equity REIT Public Small-Cap
CLNY Colony Capital 3.5 Diversified, Health Care, Industrial, Hotel Equity REIT Public Small-Cap
STAR iStar Inc. 4.4 Diversified, Hotel, Industrial, Health Care, Office, Residential, Resorts Equity REIT Public Small-Cap
GOOD Gladstone Commercial Corporation, Inc. 7.3 Diversified, Industrial, Office, Health Care, Retail Equity REIT Public Small-Cap
WPC W.P. Carey, Inc. 8.4 Diversified, Industrial, Self Storage, Office, Retail Equity REIT Public Large-Cap
MORT VanEck Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETF N/A Diversified, Mortgage ETF REIT Public Micro-Cap
LXP Lexington Realty Trust, Inc. 6.0 Diversified, Office, Industrial, Retail Equity REIT Public Mid-Cap
AAT American Assets Trust, Inc. 7.8 Diversified, Office, Residential, Hotel, Retail Equity REIT Public Small-Cap
KW Kennedy Wilson, Inc. 4.9 Diversified, Office, Residential, Retail, Hotel Equity REIT Public Mid-Cap
VER Vereit, Inc. 7.1 Diversified, Office, Retail, Industrial Equity REIT Public Mid-Cap
IRET Investors Real Estate Trust, Inc. 7.0 Diversified, Residential, Office, Retail, Health Care Equity REIT Public Small-Cap
VNO Vornado Realty Trust 8.8 Diversified, Residential, Office Equity REIT Public Mid-Cap
WRE Washington Real Estate Investment Trust 7.3 Diversified, Residential, Retail, Office Equity REIT Public Small-Cap
FREVS First REIT of New Jersey 3.2 Diversified, Residential, Retail Equity REIT Public Micro-Cap

*REITRating is REITNote's Real Estate Investment Trust industry-specific rating and ranking system. The REIT’s score for each analysis is out of ten points, with ten being the best score and zero being the worst. A score of zero can be assigned if the REIT does not meet the criteria for that specific analysis. N/A is assigned if insufficient data is available for a particular analysis. Our REITRating logic is continuously improving, so a REIT’s rating and ranking may change over time. Important Note: REITRating is not a predictor of a REIT’s future performance, it is an evaluation of its past results. Additionally, the REITRating system is for informational purposes only and does not represent financial or investment advice or a recommendation of which REITs to acquire. Learn more.