List of REITs Current Ratio for Last Reported Quarter (2019-03-31)

This page ranks the Current Ratio of US Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). The Current Ratio is a measure of the REITs ability to pay its debts (short-term and long-term obligations). The formula for Current Ratio is Total Current Assets divided by Total Current Liabilities during the same comparison period. A Current Ratio above one informs that the REITs Total Current Assets are greater than its Total Current Liabilities. Therefore, the higher the current ratio is above one, the better chances that the REIT is in a position to pay its debt/obligations within the next 12 months. A current ratio below one informs that the REITs obligations are greater than its assets. Now, the Current Ratio does have its limitations, as do all ratios by themselves. One of the limitations of the Current Ratio is that it groups all the REIT's assets together (Cash and equivalents, Accounts receivable, Prepaid expenses, Short-term investments, marketable securities, Inventory, other liquid assets), so it is difficult to gauge how liquid the company is in the short term, or if the REIT is inefficient in managing its assets. The Current Ratio formula does not include investments that cannot be easily liquidated. The other thing to note is that the Current Ratio can vary amongst sectors and industries (e.g., Aerospace & Defense, Business Services, Finance, Household products), due to the operational nature of these different businesses.

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REIT Symbol ˅  ˄ Last Reported Quarter Current Ratio ˅  ˄ Sector
Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc. (SHO) 2019-03-31 7.051 Hotel, Resorts
Rayonier, Inc. (RYN) 2019-03-31 2.947 Timber
Potlatch Corporation (PCH) 2019-03-31 1.719 Timber
Equinix, Inc. (EQIX) 2019-03-31 1.558 Data Centers
Weyerhaeuser Co. (WY) 2019-03-31 1.477 Timber
Drive Shack Inc. (DS) 2019-03-31 1.363 Specialty, Diversified
Corrections Corp of America (CoreCivic) (CXW) 2019-03-31 1.027 Specialty
The Geo Group, Inc. (GEO) 2019-03-31 0.853 Specialty
Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. (ZAYO) 2019-03-31 0.830 Infrastructure, Specialty
Iron Mountain, Inc. (IRM) 2019-03-31 0.799 Specialty, Data Centers
Crown Castle International Corp. (CCI) 2019-03-31 0.762 Infrastructure
Outfront Media, Inc. (OUT) 2019-03-31 0.653 Specialty
Lamar Advertising Company, Inc. (LAMR) 2019-03-31 0.522 Specialty
American Tower Corp (AMT) 2019-03-31 0.467 Infrastructure
InfraREIT, Inc. (HIFR) 2019-03-31 0.313 Infrastructure
SBA Communications Corporation (SBAC) 2019-03-31 0.214 Infrastructure
Manhattan Bridge Capital, Inc. (LOAN) 2019-03-31 N/A Mortgage
Agree Realty Corp. (ADC) 2019-03-31 N/A Retail
Acadia Realty Trust (AKR) 2019-03-31 N/A Retail
Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc. (ARI) 2019-03-31 N/A Mortgage
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