US REITs Stocks Ranked by Price-to-Book (P/B) Ratio (2019-06-13)

This page ranks the Price-to-Book (P/B) Ratio for US Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). The Price-to-Book ratio formula is the Stock Price per Share divided by the Book Value per Share. The Book Value per Share formula can be calculated by dividing the Total Book Value by the Number of Outstanding Shares. The Price-to-Book Ratio also known as the Price-to-Book Value (P/BV) compares the REIT’s stock price to its book value per share. The rank of the REITs on this page can fluctuate daily with the changes in Stock Price, Total Book Value and the Number of Outstanding shares. The P/B value is a financial ratio that shows investors how much the REIT’s shareholders are paying for the net assets of the REIT compared to the REITs market price. The Book Value is the REIT's total tangible assets minus its total liabilities. The Book Value informs the accounting value of the REIT held by shareholders. The P/B ratio can also give an idea of what would be left if the REIT went bankrupt. A company with a lower price-to-book value (especially below 1) can indicate that the stock price is undervalued compared to its book value and therefore potentially a good investment opportunity. Although it is important to consider additional financial indicators and metrics along with the P/B ratio (e.g., Current Ratio, P/E, PEG, Return on Equity (ROE), Earning reports and more) for analysis. This is because it is possible that the P/B ratio looks favorable due to other financial and operational issues with the company, or can be an indication of weak forward-looking investor confidence in the business. The Price-to-Book (P/B) Ratio can vary amongst sectors and industries (e.g., Aerospace & Defense, Business Services, Finance, Household products, real estate sectors, etc.), due to the operational nature of these different businesses. So comparing the REIT’s Price-to-Book (P/B) Ratio to other REITs in the same country and similar asset sectors (e.g., Hotels, Residential, Data Centers, Timber, etc.), can be useful.

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REIT Symbol ˅  ˄ Price-to-Book Ratio ˅  ˄ Closing Price ˅  ˄ Sector
Taubman Centers, Inc. (TCO) 520.01 $43.91 Retail
Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust Inc (WHLR) 38.42 $1.83 Retail
CoreSite Reality Corporation (COR) 19.21 $115.18 Data Centers
American Tower Corp (AMT) 17.48 $209.01 Infrastructure
Simon Property Group (SPG) 15.84 $163.82 Retail
Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc. (RHP) 9.39 $81.23 Hotel, Resorts
Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. (ELS) 9.36 $124.00 Residential
Americold Realty Trust (COLD) 9.19 $33.17 Industrial, Specialty
Public Storage (PSA) 8.37 $242.26 Self Storage
Lamar Advertising Company, Inc. (LAMR) 7.24 $79.80 Specialty
Saul Centers, Inc. (BFS) 7.21 $58.06 Retail
Alexander's Inc. (ALX) 6.93 $380.01 Diversified
Drive Shack Inc. (DS) 6.47 $4.89 Specialty, Diversified
Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. (ZAYO) 6.16 $32.64 Infrastructure, Specialty
Plymouth Industrial REIT Inc. (PLYM) 6.11 $17.85 Industrial
Universal Health Realty Income Trust (UHT) 5.98 $85.95 Health Care
Extra Space Storage, Inc. (EXR) 5.82 $108.05 Self Storage
PS Business Parks, Inc. (PSB) 5.80 $170.80 Office, Industrial
Brookfield Property REIT (BPR) 5.50 $18.88 Industrial, Hotel, Office, Self Storage, Retail, Specialty
Iron Mountain, Inc. (IRM) 5.16 $32.08 Specialty, Data Centers
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