US REITs Return on Assets (ROA) Ratio for Previous Trading Day (2019-05-17)

The below table ranks the Return on Assets (ROA) Ratio for US Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). The ROA ratio is also known as the Return on Total Assets. The ROA ratio is a profitability indicator of how much operating earnings the REIT is generating relative to its total assets. The formula for calculating ROA is Income from Continuing Operations divided by Total Assets. The ROA gives visibility into the efficiency of the REIT to generate profits from its invested capital (assets). The higher the ratio, the more efficient the REIT is in generating earnings from its total assets. Now, some industries and sectors are more capital intensive than others which may be indicated by a lower ROA for the companies in the industry. Therefore, since the Return on Assets (ROA) ratio can vary amongst sectors and industries (e.g., Aerospace & Defense, Business Services, Finance, Household products, real estate sectors); it is useful to compare the REIT’s ROA ratio to other REITs in similar asset sectors (e.g., Hotels, Residential, Data Centers, Timber).

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REIT Symbol ˅  ˄ Return On Assets ˅  ˄ Sector
CIM Commercial Trust Corp (CMCT) 22.81% Office, Hotel, Residential
Brookfield Property REIT (BPR) 19.22% Industrial, Hotel, Office, Self Storage, Retail, Specialty
Transcontinental Realty Investors, Inc. (TCI) 16.60% Office, Specialty, Residential
HMG Courtland Properties, Inc. (HMG) 15.08% Mortgage, Diversified
Apartment Investment & Management Co. (Aimco) (AIV) 14.13% Residential
Public Storage (PSA) 13.94% Self Storage
Northstar Realty Europe Corp. (NRE) 12.89% Office
Medical Properties Trust, Inc. (MPW) 10.97% Health Care
LTC Properties, Inc. (LTC) 10.37% Health Care, Diversified
Sachem Capital Corp. (SACH) 10.13% Mortgage
Income Opportunity Realty Trust (IOR) 8.92% Office, Residential
Lexington Realty Trust, Inc. (LXP) 8.66% Diversified, Office, Industrial, Retail
Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc. (RHP) 8.57% Hotel, Resorts
Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (HST) 8.28% Hotel, Resorts
HCP, Inc. (HCP) 8.01% Health Care
Jernigan Capital, Inc. (JCAP) 7.95% Mortgage, Self Storage
PS Business Parks, Inc. (PSB) 7.90% Office, Industrial
Equity Commonwealth (EQC) 7.69% Office
Simon Property Group (SPG) 7.64% Retail
Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. (ELS) 7.21% Residential
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