REITs with Highest Dividend Yields as of 2023-06-05

This page lists the US Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) being tracked on REITNotes™ ranked from highest to lowest forward annualized dividend yield. The forward annualized dividend yield is calculated based on the REIT’s stock closing price and the forward annualized dividend value. The REIT’s closing stock price is updated once a day after the stock markets (NYSE and NASDAQ) close to reflect the REIT stock price for that day. Therefore the values displayed on this page may be for the last market trading day. The forward annualized dividends and forward annualized dividend Yields are based on the recent dividend values paid by the REITs. The REITs may have already announced their next upcoming dividends value, which may be different from previously paid dividend value. The forward annualized dividend and forward annualized dividend yield will only reflect changes once the next dividend is paid or not paid (in the event the REIT suspends payment of future dividends). This page also displays if the REIT is categorized as a Mortgage or equity REIT, and the Ex-Dividend date.

  REIT Symbol REITRating™ Score Closing Price Dividend Yield* Annualized Dividend* Ex Date Type of REIT
1. *Login 4.5 $4.99 21.64% $1.08 2023-03-30 Mortgage REIT
2. *Login 6.4 $4.77 20.96% $1.00 2023-03-17 Equity REIT
3. *Login 6.4 $20.60 20.63% $4.25 0000-00-00 Equity REIT
4. *Login 2.0 $11.88 18.86% $2.24 2023-03-30 Mortgage REIT

*Forward Annualized

Last updated: 2023-06-05 - v0.6