Average Dividend Stock Yield by US REIT Sectors on September-23-2020

On 2020-09-23, the average dividend stock yield for all 234 US Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) across 1 real estate sectors was 8.61%. The average dividend stock yield by sector from greatest to lowest value was:

Timber with 4.93%.

As follow are the average dividend stock yield per real estate sector, and the REITs with the highest and lowest dividend stock yield in each sector on 2020-09-23:

The 4 Timber REITs had an average dividend stock yield of 4.93%.
The highest yield was CatchMark Timber Trust, Inc (CTT) with 6.35%.
The lowest yield was Potlatch Corporation (PCH) with 4.12%.

Important notice: This report is based on the REITs, data, and sectors tracked on REITNotes.com for the date 2020-09-23. The dividend yield may not be available for all REITs or reflect the latest information for all REITs, which may affect the ranking and values in the report. The dividend yields are forward-looking annualized based on the last reported paid dividend values available on REITNotes. The REITs may have already announced their next upcoming dividends value, which may be different from previously paid dividend value. We calculate our average dividend stock yield by adding the dividend yield for all the REITs in that sector and dividing by the total quantity of REITs in that sector. Additionally, there are REITs which may have multiple types of real estate assets (e.g., Office, Residential, Retail), so these REITs appear on our listing in various sectors. Therefore the dividend yield of REITs which are in multiple segments will be counted and contributed to the average dividend yield for those different sectors.

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