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On behalf of our team, Welcome to REITNotes.com. If you found our website, you are probably part of a small segment of investors who are familiar with Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Although REITs represents $3 trillion in gross assets, you would probably agree that REITs are still a somewhat misunderstood and underappreciated investment class by the market at large.

So let us tell you a bit about ourselves and our site which started back in 2017.

The short story is that we created REITNotes™ & REITRating™ to support our investment research since we couldn’t find tools specific to REITs and our investment style. We are continuously making improvements to our systems and the REITRating™ algorithms that support our investment analysis, and there is still a lot we want to develop.

Our team’s REIT investment strategy is simple. It is to find the optimal time to buy REITs with excellent fundamentals, and then hold the shares longterm to collect dividends, and stock price appreciation. We do sell shares when the fundamentals start to change or when superior longterm opportunities are identified. We don’t try to beat the market in short-term trades; instead, we seek above-average returns in the long-haul. Plus we love to collect dividends every month. To quote John D. Rockefeller, “Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.”

When we started investing in REITs the experience for us was daunting, many investment sites listed information on REITs, however, the analysis were not customized for REITs, so it wasn’t clear if the evaluations were accurate. Many investment websites analyze REITs with the same criteria used to analyze manufacturing or tech companies when the fundamentals are different. One example is using only Earning-Per-Share (EPS) to evaluate the REIT instead of Funds-from-Operations (FFO) or Adjusted FFO (AFFO). So we are continuously building REITNotes and REITRating’s systems around REITs and real estate fundamentals.

Once again, welcome to REITNotes, thank you for your visit, and don’t hesitate to reach out.

REITNotes & REITRating Team

REITNotes Products

Below is a simplified diagram of the products offered by REITNotes™. In the center we have REITRating™, REITAnalytics™, and REITCommunity, which powers the data behind our AI REITBot™.

REITNotes Products