REITReview of Trading Day 2024-07-05

REITReview gives a quick summary of the last trading day, in this case 2024-07-05. To search previous days or other data points, please use our REITAnalytics™ tool. This page is updated every trading day at 10pm PST. “RR” is our industry-specific rating and ranking system, REITRating™.


REITs With Highest Dividend Yield

Symbol Dividend Yield* RR

*Forward Annualized

REITs With Upcoming Dividend Date

Symbol Ex-Dividend Date RR

Stock Prices

Cheapest REIT Stocks

Symbol Closing Price RR

Most Expensive REIT Stocks

Symbol Closing Price RR

Market Caps

Biggest 1 Day Market Cap Mover

Symbol % Price Change $ Price Change RR
Arlington Asset Investment Corp. (AAIC) 0.25% $283,604.0 N/A
Broadmark Realty Capital (BRMK) 0% $0.0 N/A

REITs With Highest Market Cap

Symbol Beta RR


Top 10 REITs

Overall Score Symbol

The REIT’s score for each analysis is out of ten points, with ten being the best score and zero being the worst. Our REITRating logic is continuously improving, so a REIT’s rating and ranking may change over time. Important Note: REITRating is not a predictor of a REIT’s future performance, it is an evaluation of its past results. Additionally, the REITRating system is for informational purposes only and does not represent financial or investment advice or a recommendation of which REITs to acquire. Learn more.

Price-to-FFO (P/FFO)

REITs With Highest P/FFO Multiples

Symbol Type Multiple RR
DigitalBridge Group, Inc. (DBRG) Core FFO 114.43 N/A
American Strategic Investment Co. (NYC) CORE FFO 78.33 N/A
Veris Residential, Inc. (VRE) FFO 64.3 N/A
Farmland Partners, Inc (FPI) FFO 58.89 N/A
Farmland Partners, Inc (FPI) AFFO 58.89 N/A
Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp (MNR) FFO Core 44.64 N/A
Retail Properties of America, Inc (RPAI) FFO 44.3 N/A
Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. (ABR) FFO 43.35 N/A
Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. (ABR) AFFO 43.35 N/A
Diversified Healthcare Trust (DHC) FFO 40 N/A

Price-to-Earnings (P/E) Ratio

REITs With Highest P/E Ratio

Symbol P/E Ratio RR


REITs With Highest Beta

Symbol Beta RR

REITs With Lowest Beta

Symbol Beta RR

REIT News Headlines

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