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7 Funds from Operations (FFO) Reports

Buy funds from operations (FFO) reports by quarter for US REITs. CSV report includes funds, dividends and payout ratio.
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13 REIT Balance Sheets
14 REIT Cash Flow
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16 REIT Income Statement
17 REIT Press Releases

Find the latest press releases (PR), reports, and breaking news directly from the REITs.
18 REIT Profile Access

Need full access only to this REIT Profile (e.g., PLD)? Try REIT Profile Access.
19 REITAnalytics

This REITNotes page allows you to compare and analyze the fundamentals for the US publicly listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Use the filter option below to select the REIT fundamentals to visualize as columns in the comparison table. Select between the key stats for the REIT's stock price and dividend yield data, along with ratios and analysis data on the REIT's Balance sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement. Compare the data points of different REITs together across sectors and categories such as mortgage REITs, equity REITs, ETFs, Micro-Caps, Small-Caps, Mid-Cap, and Large-Caps across diverse real estate asset classes from data centers, to farmland.
20 REITCompare

REITCompare allows you to quickly compare REITs across several data points.

The REITFFO tool allows you to compare REITs by FFO (fund from operations), dividends paid, payout ratio, and P/FFO (price-per-FFO) multiples for the latest quarter.
22 REITGlobe

REITGlobe is a list of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) from around the world. Filter REITs by country, sector, listing, type and more.
23 REITList

REITList is a list of US Publicly Traded and Public, Non-Listed Real Estate Investment Trusts tracked on REITNotes™. Filter REITs by sector, listing, type and more.
24 REITMovers

REITMovers tracks the stock price and other indicators for all US REITs tracked by REITNotes during normal trading hours. The data on this page updates every 3 minutes during normal trading hours. Note: All prices have a 15 minute delay.
25 REITProperty

Database of US properties owned by American Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Search the list by REIT stock symbol, property type (Retail, Industrial, Office, medical office, multifamily, hotel, data center, etc.), street address, city, state, and zip code. Please click on the name of the property to learn more about it, and to see it on the map.
26 REITRating List

REITRating is REITNote's Real Estate Investment Trust industry-specific rating and ranking system.
27 REITRating Trend
28 REITReview

REITReview gives a quick summary of the last trading day. This page is updated every trading day at 10pm PST.
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