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Symbol Name Exchange Founded Type Listing Primary Sector Market Cap RR Latest Price Low High Open Close Previous Close Change $ Change % 52W Low 52W High Ytd Change Volume Avg. Total Volume Dividend Yield Annualized Dividend Ex-Date Total Cash Current Debt Gross Profit Total Revenue EBITDA R/S D/E Profit Margin Enterprise Value EV/R P/S P/B PEG Ratio P/E Ratio Beta TTM EPS Shares Outstanding 50-Day Moving Avg. Next Earnings
AGNC AGNC Investment Corp. *Login

Legend - RR: REITRating™, R/S: Revenue per Share, D/E: Debt to Equity Ratio, EV/R: Enterprise Value to Revenue, P/S: Price to Sales, P/B: Price to Book, Peg Ratio: Price/Earnings-to-Growth

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