AEON REIT Investment Corp

Symbol: 3292
Exchange: TSE
Founded: 2012 (7 years)
HQ: Tokyo, Japan
Type of REIT: Equity REIT
Listing Status: Public
Market Capitalization: Mid-Cap
REIT Sector: Infrastructure, Retail

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About AEON REIT Investment Corp

AEON REIT Investment Corp (TSE:3292) invest primarily in retail and related properties developed as the backbone of the local communities and their retail business infrastructure. Our investment objectives focusing on large-scale retail properties and investment percentage. Growth Strategy Based on a Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between AEON REIT Investment Corporation and Aeon Group. Sponsor Support to Leverage Integrated Capability of Aeon Group. Strategic cash management and a stable financial condition. Building Appropriate Corporate Governance Frameworks - Measures for Aligning the Interests of Unitholders and Sponsors and for Preventing Conflicts of Interest.