RAIT Financial Trust

Symbol: RASF
Exchange: OTCMKTS
Founded: 1997 (23 years)
HQ: Philadelphia, PA, United States
Type of REIT: Mortgage REIT
Listing Status: Public
Market Capitalization: Micro-Cap
REIT Sector: Mortgage

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Overall Score: 0.0

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About RAIT Financial Trust

RAIT Financial Trust ("RAIT") (NYSE: RAS) is an internally-managed real estate investment trust ("REIT") focused on providing debt financing options to owners of commercial real estate ("CRE") throughout the United States. Additionally, RAIT owns a portfolio of CRE properties located throughout the United States. Since RAIT was formed in 1997, we have built a reputation for consistently executing efficiently with borrowers and their intermediaries by maximizing our experience in commercial real estate, deal structuring, and structured finance to deliver effective property-level financing solutions. We work closely with our borrowers to meet their financing objectives. RAIT utilizes its in-house commercial real estate lending platform to originate, underwrite, close and service quality lending opportunities. These directly originated opportunities are vetted through RAIT’s credit and risk management processes. The loans we make are secured by income-producing properties, including apartment, office and light-industrial properties and neighborhood retail centers.

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0 Dividend Payment Consistency: Analysis of how many periods the REIT’s dividends have been paid consistently without a gap in payment. 6.7
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0.0 Overall REITRating™ Score 6.4

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